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Courtney Campbell on PhotoPeach

Courtney performs her songs and stories
to a wide range of audiences worldwide

Courtney also stars in and is the co/creator/writer of the award winning children's TV/DVD series Mustard Pancakes. The most fun way to see Courtney is at one of her delightful performances. She is a master. Her audiences are totally and happily engaged from the minute she steps on stage. “ What's most important to me,” Courtney says, “ is to reach inside each person and turn on the lights.”

"... I've never seen a performer light up a room full of kids quite the way you do. There's a sparkle, a conviction, a sense of timing, and a winsome sense of humor about you as you deliver your tall tales with important moral messages.
Tim Carr-Head of the American School in Japan

I cannot overstate how gifted she is with her art and craft. Her guitar-playing and voice are top-notch... I have found myself laughing out loud as I remember some of her lines, facial expressions and voices. I've been around the block a few times and I'm here to tell ya this lady is the real deal. She is magnificent. You really have to see her to understand how true this is. I hope you get to see her soon."
Dave Kinnoin- Singer/songwriter/performer, songwriter for Jim Henson TV, Sesame Street, Disney and more.
Pasadena, California


Inspiring • Hilarious • Genuine • Full of Heart

Courtney Campbell is a singer/songwriter, master storyteller, writer and musician. She travels the world performing for children, giving concerts, workshops and keynote speeches.

Courtney's songs and stories are some of the best most enduring ones for children that you will hear. Teachers use them extensively. Kids and their families worldwide are devoted fans. She has a natural ability to write for children and connect with them “ where they live” and they love it.


There are people all over the world
   Singing songs singing songs
   There are people all over the world
   Singing songs singing songs
   And when we get together, singing songs
   We lift our spirits way up high
   Soothe our souls and heal our hearts.
   Remember we are never apart.
   When we get together singing songs.

Singing Songs Hymn by Courtney Campbell ( ASCAP)

Courtney's 3 CDs, Mustard Pancakes, Red Raincoat and The Camel With a Runny Nose are favorites in classrooms and homes around the world.

Good News!
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DVDs of the Mustard Pancakes TV show
are available at Amazon & Netflix

"While I was in the back listening to you sing a child sitting on a teachers lap was laughing so hard she turned to the teacher and said, 'She is so funny she is killing me.' You made a lot of children happy today!"

Cherie McSweeney- Director St. Georges School-
La Canada, CA

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