Inspiring Hilarious Genuine Full of Heart

Courtney Campbell started singing at the top of her lungs when she was four years old and never stopped. She got a guitar when she was ten and taught herself to play.  She sang in elementary school plays and in the high school glee club. In college she was discovered by a man who ran a folk music coffee house and insisted she come to perform for his club.  This was the unexpected launch of her career as a folk singer.  She   has gone on to  open for or share the stage with John Denver, Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and many other artists. 

in the mid eighties Courtney moved from Colorado to   Austin, Texas where she was instantly embraced by the music community there. “ Those were amazing years,” Courtney recalls. “ There were so many great musicians and writers; Jerry Jeff Walker, Townes Van Zandt, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Steven Fromholz, Nancy Griffith and Lyle Lovett just to mention  a few.  Everyone was so supportive to each other. It felt like a real big family.” 

By 1988 Courtney was a rising star in the Austin music Scene.   However, and after two years in Austin, Courtney, a single parent, decided to move to Los Angeles to be near family.  A friend of hers who ran a pre-school in Santa Monica asked if she would come and sing for the children.  Courtney had no idea what she would sing and, fearing she would have nothing to offer, wrote her first children’s song,”Mo”, in the car on the way to the school. “ I have no idea what I sang that day.  Honestly I was simply attracted to helping my friend and to being paid!” Much to Courtney’s surprise the response to her performance was fantastic.  The children demanded she return. Courtney wrote more songs and went back.  Again and again  the children and parents demanded she return.  Finally the director of the school, a good friend, took her aside and said, “  You should pay attention to this.  This is not normal.” Her friend suggested that Courtney go to other schools to sing and gave her a contact list.  Within two months Courtney was working in several schools in West Los Angeles.  Doors kept opening and Courtney happily walked in. This was the unexpected launch of her career as a children’s entertainer. 

For the next three years Courtney sang in schools, gave family concerts and workshops for teachers.  She got interested in storytelling and incorporated that into her performances and began writing her own stories.   She recorded her first CD of songs and stories titled,
“ Mustard Pancakes.”  "Dinosaur in My Backyard" ( "Red Raincoat"), her second CD, came out a year later  followed by “ The Camel With a Runny Nose.”

Courtney Moved to Holland in 1991 and immediately started performing in International and Department of Defense schools.  To this day teachers in Europe, the US, Asia and South East Asia,  use her music in their classrooms.  Families from every corner of the globe are big fans of her songs and stories. Courtney says, “ Singing for children has changed my life.  I love what I do.  Singing for children is a privilege.  They are so smart  and alive and loving and fun.  The best audiences ever. I love the travel and meeting so many good people.  As of 2016 I have been in 26 countries, many of them many times, and have performed in 57 cities. I am so fortunate.”  

Courtney moved back to the United States in 1994.  She performed in the US and continued touring Europe, Asia and South East Asia.  In 2004 she co-created, co-wrote and starred in the PBS TV series called “ Mustard Pancakes”, a title she chose from the song she had written of the same name.  “Mustard Pancakes” was hosted by Oregon Public Broadcasting and has become a multi-award-winning TV/DVD series.

Courtney continues touring world-wide.  She has created and developed a new TV show for children that she hopes to get produced.  She is also writing a book for children that she intends to turn into a movie/musical and she is writing an autobiography which she plans to turn into a one woman show.