A Courtney Campbell Concert is perfect for a corporate family event.  It will bring everyone together for  a wonderful and memorable time. 

A Courtney Campbell family concert is a thoroughly engaging and delightful mix of stand up comedy, songs and stories that appeal to all ages. Courtney is a captivating entertainer. She is friendly and likable. The minute she steps on stage her audience knows they're in good hands and are going to have a wonderful time. With a delightful sense of humor and a masterful way of including the entire audience, Courtney gets everyone singing, laughing and participating. Everyone has a great time.

Concerts are appropriate for families with children from 3-10 years old
Concert Length:
45 minutes -60 minutes 
Fee depends on the size of the event.  Please contact Courtney. 
Requirements: sound system -please contact Courtney for specifics