For Students, Teachers and Parents 
All workshops foster imagination and creativity and contribute beautifully to any language arts or PYP curriculum. I offer workshops/performances that can be tailored to the PYP units of inquiry and language arts curriculum.  All workshops are interactive and enjoyable and are presented in a comfortable, supportive and non judgmental style. 

Workshops for Students 
Suitable for students in Pre-school (ages 4 & 5)
 Kindergarten through 5th Grade 
Foundation Stage Two and Key Stage One and Two 
Years One through Six 

Where Do Ideas Come From? 
What Do You Do Once You Get an Idea 

Workshop Length: 45-60 minutes 

Through storytelling and drawing ( illustrating live on paper or smart board), Courtney shares her own experience with idea getting: what she does once she gets an idea and how she uses it for a song or a story. Courtney calls ideas " Bings" and shows the students a small paper notebook she uses to write all of her ideas in. She calls it her 'Bing Book. She asks that students be given their own new "Bing Book" so they can develop the habit of paying attention to ideas and writing them down. Students will play improvisational story games that rely on " idea getting" and will create stories on their own and together. They will have time to write in their Bing Books and will have the experience of getting an idea, creating a place to save it, and turning it into a song or story. 

Storytelling-The Oral Tradition 
Workshop Length: 45-60 minutes 

Students will learn and practice basic storytelling techniques. They will work on being expressive using face, voice and body and making up stories and telling stories from their own lives. Students will focus on speaking and thinking on their feet. They will be encouraged to trust their imagination and ideas so that they can become authentic storytellers and communicators. This is a highly interactive hands on and fun workshop. 

Workshops for Teachers 
Workshops are 60, 90 minutes or two hours. Participants are acknowledged for their courage and energy and are invited to take risks and to enrich their own sense of self. 

It is now known that the brain organizes information in story form. Using story in your teaching can be very effective. There is a greater focus now on the “4 C's”- creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Storytelling is a wonderful medium for developing these skills. 

In order to tell a story, true or fictional, you must first take it into yourself. When you tell it, therefore, it comes from you and it is authentic. When you teach with authenticity you have greater impact. Basic and advanced storytelling techniques will be explored, stories will be told, shared and created. This is an interactive and totally enjoyable workshop. 

Workshops for Parents 
Workshop Length: 60 to 90 minutes 

Storytelling for the Whole Family 
Storytelling is enjoyable and important for families to do together. Making up stories and telling together creates bonds that last forever. Making up stories together helps children develop their imaginations and confidence in sharing their ideas. Oh and, it's fun! Family stories are as important as family photos. It is important for parents and children to share stories from their lives together and individually. Storytelling helps children make sense of the world around them and inside of them. We will work on basic storytelling techniques and on ways to help children tell stories and to tell and make up stories together. We will also work on ways to build family story albums.