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Summer Reading Programs-Workshops for Adults


Thanks to Einstein Elementary for hosting our Playing with Words Program today!  And thanks to Rayma for booking Courtney Campbell. Courtney entertained 3rd and 4th graders today with stories and music at this Title 1 school.  They were mesmerized by her performance! Thanks to everyone for making it happen!
Jenn Carter-Children's Librarian-Redmond Library

Oh Courtney, my thanks to YOU for the perfect performance!  You are so talented, funny and relaxed with kids - they immediately connect with you.  And I appreciate how down-to-earth, warm and caring you are. Kate Patrick- North Bend/Fall City Libraries-King County Library System 

It is such fun to have a performer who clearly loves what they do, loves the kids, and has a wondrously funny sense of humor for all things just to round out the deal.  We will definitely need to do this again and you have an open invitation to my story times. Sharon Chastain- Maple Valley Library- King County Library 

Program Length: 30 minutes for Pre-School and 45-60 minutes for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
Program Ages:Pre-school through grade 5

Courtney's year round programs are a delightful mix of songs and stories.  Her captivating  performances are strong on audience participation so everyone is always engaged and having a wonderful time.  She shares songs like The Camel With a Runny Nose and Dinosaur in My Backyard and hilarious stories like  The Boy Who loved Band-Aids.  If you have a particular theme Courtney will work with you to custom fit her program.  

A Courtney Campbell family concert is a thoroughly engaging and delightful mix of stand up comedy, songs and stories that appeal to all ages. Courtney is a captivating entertainer. The minute she steps on stage her audience knows they're in good hands and are going to have a wonderful time. With a delightful sense of humor and a masterful way of including the entire audience, Courtney gets everyone singing, laughing and participating. Everyone has a great time.

Basic Storytelling 
This is a fun and easy going workshop for people who are interested in storytelling, want to learn more about it and develop more confidence in their storytelling abilities. Participants will work on the basics of storytelling techniques though improv games and other enjoyable exercises. 

Intermediate and Advanced Storytelling for Adults-  60-90 minutes
This is a great workshop for teachers, librarians and anyone who already has experience telling stories but wants to improve their skill. Storytelling techniques will be explored through storytelling games and exercises. If participants have a story they wish to improve telling that is great. It should be no longer than five minutes. The goal of this workshop is to help the storyteller develop his or her individual style.